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Is an Electric car good for beginners? Detail Overview with Pros & Cons


by Jack simmon


When I was to buy my first electric car, I also had the same series of questions that, as a beginner, you are having right now. Many people have asked me this question. So, If you are looking to buy an electric car or are just curious to know its usefulness, then be with me. 

After a lot of research and also from my personal experiences, here is what I found, it will definitely help you.

So, is an electric car good for beginners? Electric cars are an ideal choice for beginners as they are designed light-weight, low maintenance, easy to ride and. Moreover, it comes with a powerful electric motor that can quickly speed up to 120kmph, which is the solid choice for a run-around in towns and cities.

The Electric car is suitable for a beginner unless you decide to make a long trip with it.
Electric car are made with a minimalist design that will help you to have a better experience between you and your normal fossil fuel car.
But, as a beginner, if you are looking to have long rides with the electric car, it is not an ideal choice.
If you are looking to buy an electric car as a beginner, here are five tips to make better choices.

What is your purpose with the electric car?

This is the most crucial question you must ask yourself before buying any car.

If you are looking to use an electric car for daily commuting and short rides (less than 4 hrs.), you can go with an electric car.

But, If you are looking for touring or having long rides with electric cars, you have chosen the wrong motorcars type.

And it would be best if you didn’t risk buying an Electric car as it is very complicated for long-distance.

Why EVs expensive?

Sort of. Batteries are expensive. The rest of the car is actually far cheaper to make. That is, again, as battery prices drop, EVs are going to begin to actually undercut the cost of combustion engines. They are already sort of not very expensive anymore.

Which style Electric car or normal car you want?

I am talking about the overall design and look of the Electric car to choose.

Actually, when the Electric car trend started it just had the same as a normal car. At the same time, cars were designed by long rider thus even a small modification can change the look of the new vintage.

And thus making the Electric car look different than another normal car.

But I am assuming you are not looking to build an Electric car by yourself. But today most automobiles companies made electric cars like (TESLA, AUDI, BMW, TATA, AND GENERAL MOTORS) with a modification that made them look different.

So, are electric cars good for long trips? Many company has build the best performing vehicle in all the EVs. Tesla Model S has a range of 460 Km in one full. Hyundai Kona is a recently launched model in with a range of 450 Km.

Electric Cars are Definitely in the future but for now, I think they are just good for Short trips around Home, Plus the Winter States are not Battery Friendly,, They lose 20-30% of their Charge in Sub Zero Temperatures, Hybrids are good for long trips.

There is a common theme or two in every answer. Mostly based on misconceptions or outdated information. This is a big problem with EVs. EVs are new tech and advancing rapidly, while apparently many people struggle with the concept that things do not stay how they are (or were). Let’s clear some things up.

How long do electric cars charge?

A full charge from 0% is less than one hour. And I rarely need all that. Stopping to charge is usually done just to get whatever extra you need. And that’s usually 15 minutes. But if you want to charge fast many company provided fast charging system like Tesla, General motors

All this high gas prices will eventually push more people to electric cars which will take 20 hours for a full charge, and can only go up to 300 to 600 miles on that. It will be very much like a social credit card and it can be frozen and stop working just like a bank account.

Do electric cars have less range? Not actually. Mine will go further on a full “tank” than most sports cars or pickup trucks. I’ve only needed to stop for charging on long trip. I can drive it around full day without stopping or charging.

And almost all pre-2022 EVs have very limited range. Like 120-250 miles per charge or worse once the battery starts to wear down Imagine the traffic on the 95 when you add a bunch of EVs dying on the highway.

Car weight would have a bigger impact on the range during stop-start scenarios. The biggest issue with added weight is when moving up to speed from a standstill. Since you started your test at a constant speed the weight would have minimal impact. I imagine over a long drive-through traffic and motorway you would see a dramatic impact to range by having a large cargo load.

How to travel long distances with EVs?

The main benefit of planning your route to 60% of your range is in case of surprise road construction that doesn’t show up on your app and a detour that’s farther than you first planned. That has happened to me several times when driving a distance.

Many companies build portable battery packs for EVs because in case your EVs battery is empty it will provide power to reach your location.

How long does an EVs battery last?

According to my research answer of your question is highly dynamic in nature. The life cycle of the battery would depend on the user of the EV. If EV is used according to the instructions given, then 8–10 years is the expected life of any battery.

Recommends charging to 100% once a month, unless, of course, you have to do that anyway for your regular usage. With over 400 km of range on a bad day, I don’t bother taking it past 80% for our weekly use but I am trying to get into the routine of doing the 100% charge thing.

Another important point: The EV contains two main batteries. There is one traction battery. That battery is made from many cells. Each cell needs protection by the BMS. If the cells (plural) are protected, then so is the battery (singular). The other main battery in the car is the 12 Volt Lead/acid one, which is made from 6 cells. That said, if a single cell runs a system, maybe as in a phone, computer memory backup, or a key fob. it can be called a battery, and people will understand what is meant in those special instances.

Is, it safe to place the battery in an EV? The new trend to put batteries down near the floor of the car seems to make sense but if you are live in a country with very extreme temperatures such as having snow or burning your feet, the floor of the car is the worst place to put the battery for longevity.

Are electric car batteries expensive to replace?

Actually, not quite expensive Batteries will be rebuilt, redone, reused, and recycled. They will become even cheaper eventually.

So, after 10 years of fully electric cars, practically no car has required a battery change, Nissan and Tesla have swapped batteries but only because it is cheap and quick. The replaced battery is then fixed and used as spare parts.

How much are you willing to spend on your first EVs?

There are two modes by which you can have Evs:- one is by building yourself and the second way is by directly buying from the showroom.

According to quad, “It costs around $4000-$10000 to build an Electric car in addition to the purchase of your second-hand Cars on which the whole modification will be done.”

Also, alternatively, you can directly buy factory-built Electric cars from the showroom or through their respective websites. Buying factory-made EVs averagely costs $10000 – $100,000.

But it totally depends on you what company and overall feature you choose in an Electrical vehicle.

How much power do you need for EV?

An Electric car is usually a lightweight SUV. And Electric car engines provide enough power to achieve more than 100kmph in just 4 seconds which is more than enough for a beginner or any car.

Nowadays, Motors are more equipped with technologies that provide improved 40,000-watt to 60,000-watt range, more displacement, high torque, and cooling technologies.

Thus, there will be no compromise in the safety of new factory-made EVs. Nowadays, Factory made Electric cars provide speed even more than a “ton” fairly easily.

Advantages of having Electric cars as your first bike

  • As EVs are light-weight, you will not have any issues while handling the vehicles.
  • And if you are a beginner, then probably you may drop-off (I don’t wish that you drop off your Electric car or damage from it) then It would be easy to lift the vehicles even if you are alone.
  • It quickly reaches up to 100mph, better known by Sound“the ton,” and is enough for a beginner to start with.
  • EVs are fun to ride and also great for daily commuting or use for other small rides.
  • If you are looking to get a sporty experience with a light-weight vehicles, then the Electric car is a must-try.
  • Last but not least, if you want a total aesthetic and pure experience with your vehicles, then a Electric car must be your choice. The reason being the Electric car is good for the experience is its design is minimal.

Disadvantages of having an Electric car as your first bike

Every EVs has its limitation so do Electric car has; there is not much of an issue with this:-

  • The first and major disadvantage of having a Electric car is that you can’t have long rides. Even if you try to customize it, you can’t stretch it for more than 5 hours. For more information.
  • A Electric car doesn’t have fairing and extra parts for show-off.
  • If you are looking for fairing, styles, and weight in the EVs, then a Electric car is not for you.

Here is the Pros & Cons of a EVs

Pros of EVsCons of EVs
Electric cars are lightweight, thus easy for handling.You can’t have long rides with an Electric car or nay EVs.
Electric cars can easily reach 100mph popularly known as the ton.Electric cars don’t have fairing and extra parts for show-off.
Electric cars are designed light-weight thus it fun to ride.EVs have one of the major issues is sound leaking or noise problem
The electric car gives us a purely aesthetic experience of riding.Electric cars’ price is higher than normal fossil fuel cars.
The electric car gives you a sporty position and looks while riding.Finding a charging station is tuff and very difficult to remote locations.

Related Question

Are EVs good for long rides? An Electric car is not suitable for a long drive because of its overall ergonomics. It is very difficult to charge provide for a long distance.

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