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How to protect your car from the sun:- Effects & Tips to protect the Car


by Jack simmon


Nobody wants to harm their car as it’s a precious thing for them. But, sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly, we may be damaging our car. One of the ways is leaving or parking the car under the sun. So, in this post, I will cover the effects of going a vehicle under the sun and ways to protect your vehicle from the sun. 

Is it wrong to leave a car in the sun?

Leaving the car under the sun is not harmful if it happens occasionally. But, if your vehicle is exposed regularly to the sun for a long period, then surely it will harm your car. You risk damage to the car paint, plastic body, seat, and engine in the long run.

It’s not bad to leave a car in the sun for a short duration of time. So, don’t worry if you need to park your car in daylight for some hours occasionally. But, if you need to store your vehicle in the sun for too long regularly, then it will indeed affect your car.

I have discussed the effect of sunlight in detail below. You will surely understand, “Why is it said to not leave the car in direct sun?” 

Effects of Sunlight on Cars

Damages occurring from natural weather changes are a slow process. So, you should not worry too much if you leave your car out in the sun for a few hours a week.

The damages start to become more apparent and show signs if you leave your car regularly in the sun.

So, What will happen if you leave your car in the sun for too long? Leaving the car in the sun for too long risks UV damage to paint, plastic, and vinyl (seats). Although these don’t become quickly noticeable, after a couple of years, you might start to see them.

Here are the damages that could occur by leaving the car in the sun for too long:-

Paint degradation

car paint degradation from sunlight
car paint degradation from sunlight

If the car is left in the sun for too long, then the first and foremost thing you will notice is fading paint.

The shade of the paint will start to fade as the bonds between the paint molecules break because of exposure to the sun’s UV rays for a long time. The colour of the plastics will fade more quickly than the metal parts.

You will notice the shade of the paint becomes lighter due to the constant exposure to the sun. The sun’s UV rays also affect the coating of the car paint. So, make sure to avoid leaving your car in the sun.

If needed, use a high-quality car cover to protect the whole car body before leaving it in the sun.

Damages to Car Accessories

Most car accessories are made from plastics, rubber, and artificial leather. Some car parts are also made from plastics like car side mirrors, etc.

These materials are prone to lose elements and break down if left in the sunlight for an extended period.

Keeping a car under the sun for prolonged periods can cause the plastic body to become brittle. Because of the constant heat of the sun, the seats would also start to develop cracks and tear apart.

Let’s face it, the car seat becomes fiery, and it hurts our bum too much as we need to drive. So, whether the sun damages the seat or not, it does hurt our ass. To save it, make sure to put some cover such as clothes on the seat before leaving it in the sun.

Fuel evaporation

Fuel such as petrol or gasoline has a tendency to vaporize due to heat because heat increases the kinetic energy of the petrol molecules, which is directly proportional to the rate of evaporation. Thus, the longer your car sits and the more the heat builds up due to the sun, and the more quickly petrol will evaporate.

Apart from this, the evaporated molecules can increase the pressure inside the fuel tank if the fuel cap is sealed completely. So, if the fuel doesn’t get the room to escape, it could result in an explosion.

But, these things will not happen because the designers have given vent for escaping the evaporated molecules from the fuel tank.

Damage to tires

The tires are made of high-quality vulcanized rubber, which can handle high pressures. 

But in the summer, the air inside the tires expands a lot because of the heat build-up causing extra pressure on the tire wall resulting in deflating tires or even tire bursts.

If you keep your car under the sun for a more extended period of time regularly, it will shorten tires’ life and cause early cracks, etc.

So, as for now, we have discussed many effects of sunlight on cars that could cause severe damage. Thus, we should also know ways to protect the car, even if we need to part the vehicle in the sun. So, here it is.

How do you protect the car from the sun?

There are times when you don’t have an option but to park your car in the open. As cars are the primary vehicle for us, and sometimes we need to park the vehicle in the sun. So, protecting the car from the sun becomes one of the crucial tasks for the ride. 

Here are a few things you can do to prevent and protect against damage from the sun to your car:-

The first thing you should always do is, Park your car in a shady area, even if the parking area is at a distance from your destinationlike under a tree, building, or parking area. Believe me, walking a little bit for your car will be worth it in the long run. Because a shady area will protect the car from lots of damages that could have happened if you had parked the car in the sun.

But let’s face it. What to do if there is no parking area or shady place 100m around our destination? 

So, if there is no parking area or shady place around you, then also there is no need to worry.

The second thing we can do to protect the car from sun rays is to use a car cover.

So, If you don’t have access to a shady area, then buy your car a quality cover and use it to cover your car in the sun.

Because a car cover can protect your car from a hot seat, plastic body from getting brittle, and from fading paints.

As fuel evaporation is an issue if you leave your car in the sun, make sure that you fill your tank in the evening or after that. The reason is that at this time, the temperature of the car has become low and also, the sun has set, meaning no more exposure to your car.

How are car waxes easiest to apply and maintain?

Car waxes are easiest to apply and maintain
Car waxes are easiest to apply and maintain

It depends on your car or truck, the state of the paint finish, and the desired outcome. Most people do not detail their car themselves. But waxing a vehicle is a process-it requires following a process:

  1. Wash the vehicle by hand, either on your driveway or in a car wash.
  2. During the washing process, be sure to scrub the wheels and the tires with separate brushes; use a toilet bowl brush to scrub the inside fender wells.
  3. Use a road and tar removal solvent to remove all road tar accumulation and yellow road paint on the wheel lip mouldings, the rocker panel areas, and the bumper underside areas.
  4. Now, use a quality car polish to remove all surface particulate and old wax, if any, over the entire vehicle. Polish is a cleaner, not a wax.
  5. If you have any paint chips from road rash, now is the time to do chip repair.
  6. After all the above, now you are ready to apply the car wax in a garage out of the sun. Apply the wax on one panel, then apply wax to the next panel, then buff off the first panel. Repeat the process around the entire perimeter. Be sure and wax the door jams, trunk jams, and hood jams as you wax. 
  7. Choose your wax wisely. Some car waxes are synthetic- some are carnuba-some are blended, and some are sprays. Spray waxes are good for interim waxing a.
  8. My personal choice of wax is Chemical Guys Butter Wax. It is a carnuba base wax that is a heavy lotion; it goes on easy and wipes off with a microfiber towel. Meguiars, Mothers, Adams, Turtle Wax, and Car Guys all make good waxes. As far as a Spray Wax, Turtle Wax, 303, Mother’s, Meguiars, and Car Guys all make a spray wax that works. My preference is Spray Turtle Wax. It is inexpensive and does the job. Spray waxes can be used on front grilles, headlights, wheels, and taillights.
  9. The last step to complete the car exterior is to apply tire treatment to dry tires. I use a combination of Meguiars Spray Foam and then Adam’s Tire Dressing to finish out the tire.

The point to all this is that there is no “easy to apply wax” on a car because surface preparation is the key to any wax. But if you desire to know which one wax is easiest on and easiest off- then try ChemGuys Butter Wax.

Note:- Always wax the vehicle with no zippers, jewellery on your hands, buttons, or belt buckles that can scratch your vehicle.


Leaving the car under scorching is very harmful to humans as well as machines. So, for now, you have learned the things that will save your car from unwanted risks of the sun.

The best remedy to save your car from the sun is to park it in a shady area. Even if you need to park the car some distance from the actual location. Just bear the pain of walking a little distance, and that’s all because car cover will not be as effective as the shady area itself.


How to protect your car paint from the sun? I think cars with lighter colours like white and silver reflect heat and seem to hold up better than dark colours like black in the sun. Keeping the car paint free of dirt bits helps, and a good coat of car wax protects the paint from the sun. Park the car in a shady spot; if not, get a car cover which protects paint and keeps the car cleaner longer.

How do you keep car paint from fading?

  • Wash the exterior regularly. It will remove dirt, debris that can damage the surface, and other more harmful elements if you wash it regularly.
  • Park in the shade. Avoiding direct sunlight will prevent the car from damaging and fading.
  • Polish and wax the surface. It will add an extra protective layer to the paint to help limit UV rays from penetrating and discolouring the surface. When waxing and polishing, remember to monitor for any dents as you operate beyond the surface.

Does waxing your car protect it from the sun? Some automotive wax products certainly claim UV protection, and any good quality automotive paint contains UV protecting chemical components also. One wax that I have seen that claims excellent UV protection is Butter Wet Wax by Chemical Guys.

This protectant has a unique formula that provides the most durable and effective paint protection solution. It has been almost a year, and there have been no stains or rust on my car.

That is because the Permagard coatings are said to be infused with top-notch UV inhibitors that deflect the harmful UV rays and work as sunscreen for my car.

Is it good or bad to apply wax on car paint and don’t wipe it away? Leaving wax on your car too long is BAD. The wax will harden and become more difficult to remove (not evening out, extra elbow grease).

Can spray wax protect your car from the sun? Be sure to wash and completely dry.. the quality of the spray paint will determine the finished look. And choose a sealant to top it off. There are also many caps/tips that can adjust the level of pressure and size of spray.

Protect your car dashboard from the sun? When I saw many people in the US had been covered with monogrammed dash mats. Its main purpose was to protect the dash from excessive heat from the sun that can cause it to split.

Today, glass is treated with UV protectants and tints. There are also better brands of dash cleaners today with moisturizers that protect the dash. So people either used dash mats for looks, protection, or both.

Will washing and waxing damage my car’s paint job? No, Many people when washing their car it will be a big cause for the scratch on a car so, do focus when you wash your car keep wash with clean car Always wash the vehicle with no zippers, jewellery on your hands, buttons, or belt buckles that can scratch your vehicle.

Always wash your car with a sponge; always make sure the sponge is clean. Turn the sponge frequently and rinse it after every panel. The same goes for waxing; done improperly, it will cause more damage than a day at the dirt track. I wash my cars by hand myself. I Have owned several collector cars and still drive them.

The most important thing is always to start by rinsing with a high-pressure jet positioned at a 45-degree angle to remove all of the surface dirt and grime that you possibly can before you apply any sponge or cloth to the surface of the vehicle. After that, use a sponge that is at least 3 inches thick and gently remove the remaining dirt and rinse immediately. Never ever ever ever use dish soap, laundry detergent, or any other industrial cleaner; always use a car wash concentrate from one of the major manufacturers.

Is ceramic Coating good for cars? Ceramic Coating is one of the best Paint protection systems for your car Ceramic coating also doesn’t have any side effects on the original paint. Ceramic Coating also lasts longer than a regular wax coating on your car.

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