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Top 5 cafe racers motorcycles for tall riders: Detail Overview


by Jack simmon



As most of the cafe racers in the market right now are not made without considering tall riders in mind. But that doesn’t mean there is no room for tall cafe racer lovers.

There are two ways to have a cafe racer for any height or size of guys. Either you build and design the cafe racer by yourself or buy a factory-made cafe racer for yourself.

For this post, I am going to consider the latter one as most beginner riders are not familiar with building motorcycles by themselves.

Here is the list of cafe racers suitable for tall riders:-

Motorcycle Model NameSeat height and Wheelbase
Bullit Spirit 125It has a seat height of 840 mm – 890 mm/ 33 in – 35 in and a wheelbase of 1,300 mm/51.1 inches.
Yamaha XSR900 AbarthIt has a seat height of 830 mm/ 32.6 in and a wheelbase of 1,440 mm/ 56.6 in.
Thruxton 1200 RIt has a seat height of 810mm/ 31.89 in and a wheelbase of 1,415 mm/55.7 inches.
Norton Commando 961It has a seat height of 813 mm/ 32 in (adjustable) and a wheelbase of 1,400mm/ 56.6 in.
Royal Enfield Continental GT 650It has a seat height of 793mm/ 31.22 in and a wheelbase of 1,398mm/55.03 in.

A table containing information on cafe racer for taller riders

What to look for before purchasing a cafe racer for tall riders?

Buying any motorcycle is not an easy deal because it contains some things which must be considered before purchasing. There are some things to be kept in mind while buying a cafe racer for tall riders. 

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is the seat height of the cafe racers motorcycle.

Seat Height of the Cafe racer

Seat height on motorcycles is the most important factor to consider, for anyone who is buying it.

If the seat position is high then it becomes unsuitable for shorter riders and if the seat position is low then it becomes unsuitable for taller riders.

By seat height, I am relating the measurement from the lowest point (ground) to the saddle (seat height) when the bike is in the upright position (standing on the tire). 

Or you can relate the seat height by this: “It is an overall measurement of the person’s crotch to the ground.”

As you sit on the motorcycle your foot will touch the ground, but even this also depends on the width of the seat in the cafe racer motorcycle.

Thus, you can go to the local dealers and try the cafe racers by seating on them and choosing according to your need.

Peg Positioning and Clip-on bars

The second thing to inspect before buying a cafe racer is the handlebar types and peg positioning as you sit on the motorcycle.

Peg positioning is as much crucial as seat height, because if you found a cafe racer according to your height but later you found the peg positions are forward and your knees are tucked under your chin.

Then, this will not be a comfortable and good experience for tall riders who wants to ride cafe racer.

To suit the motorcycles to taller riders every body part must be in a perfect position so, he/she should not start to feel cramped while riding it.

Clip-on handlebars are the other important feature that will give you the freedom to adjust it as you like it. It is a two-piece handlebar setup and can be adjusted according to individual needs. It makes the riding comfortable if peg positioning is adjusted according to the riders.

Therefore the final concussion comes if taller riders want the perfect cafe racer for themselves then he must look at all three things such as seat height, Peg positioning, and Clip-on handlebars.

Now, let us talk about the cafe racer bikes available for tall riders in the markets to buy.

Here is the list of top 5 best cafe racer bikes for tall riders:-

Here I have discussed the top 5 best cafe racers for tall riders. I have given brief details on all the cafe racer motorcycles. Let’s start.

Bullit Spirit 125

Bullit Spirit 125 cafe raer
Bullit Spirit 125 cafe raer

It is one of the best cafe racer motorcycles for Tall riders as it features a seat height of 840mm to 890mm. You can further also adjust it according to your need.

Now, let’s talk about its engine. It is equipped with 125cc of engine displacement, an electric start, and a five gear transmission system.

So, the performance is going to be adequate and more than enough to make you comfortably ride on city highways. And any beginner can start to ride with this motorcycle as it comes with 125cc displacement.

It has disc braking on both wheels that will let you take immediate stops without any worry. 

Thus overall Bullit Spirit 125 is adequate in performance and perfect for tall riders as it has adjustable seat height. Here is the link to visit the official website of the Bullit Spirit 

Yamaha XSR900 Abarth

Yamaha XSR900 Abarth cafe racer
Yamaha XSR900 Abarth cafe racer

It is the second suitable cafe racer for tall riders on the list as the Yamaha XSR900 Abarth cafe racer features a seat height of 830mm and a wheelbase of 1,440. 

Yamaha Abarth cafe racer is built for a speed and sporty feel as it is a lightweight and high-performance cafe racer motorcycle. It is also equipped with clip-on style handlebars that will further help in making riding more comfortable and sporty.

If we talk about an engine then it is equipped with high torque 847cc 3-cylinder engine. It comes with 6 transmission systems (speed gear).

Let’s talk about the most important thing in any motorcycle, “Brakes”. Yamaha Abarth cafe racer is equipped with a Hydraulic dual disc brake on the front wheel and Hydraulic single disc brakes on the back wheel.

And it is more efficient than the disc brakes which are on the Bullit Spirit 125  cafe racer as we discussed before.

Overall, this is a powerful cafe racer equipped with modern technologies is a good choice for taller riders.

For more information visit the official website of Yamaha motors.

Thruxton 1200 R

Thruxton 1200 R cafe racer
Thruxton 1200 R cafe racer

Thruxton 1200 R is the third suitable cafe racer for tall riders on the list as it features a seat height of 810mm and a wheelbase of 55.7 inches (1415mm).

Thruxton has won the game in the list of cafe racers with respect to the engine specifications. It is equipped with 1200cc displacement with liquid-cooled features and a 6-speed gearbox. Apart from this bike is loaded with all the required features like disc brakes, sporty position, etc. Overall, it is a great choice cafe racer for taller riders performance and likewise.

For more information, you can visit the official website of Triumph motorcycle.

Norton Commando 961 Cafe Racer

Norton Commando 961 Cafe Racer
Norton Commando 961 Cafe Racer

Norton Commando 961 cafe racer features a seat height of 813mm (adjustable) and a wheelbase of 1400mm. Although its seat height is less than the rest of the cafe racers in this list it can adjust a little bit.

It comes with an engine displacement of 961cc equipped with 2 cylinders that can easily provide a maximum power output of 6500 rpm (round per minute).

As the engine is equipped with a 961cc engine then there is no question of its performance and speed.

Apart from this, it has dual disc brakes in the front wheel and a single disc brake in the back wheel that gives you the freedom of speed you need.

This Norton Commando is a good choice for daily commutes and weekend trips for tall riders looking for a cafe racer.

You can easily find a used one from the US market online or get a new cafe racer from the dealer.

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 cafe racer
Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 cafe racer

Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 cafe racer features a seat height of 793mm and a 1398mm wheelbase. It has the lowest seat height that’s the reason continental is last on the list.

I know 793mm is less in length compared to all the other cafe racers discussed above in the list. But, Royal enfiled is very different than all other cafe racers.

If you were looking for a perfect cafe racer motorcycle from looks to conquer the corners and feel the speed with the classy sporty riding position then GT 650 is the answer.

It is equipped with a 648cc air-cooled parallel-twin engine with a 6-speed gearbox. Royal Enfield has used 4 valves per cylinder in this continental GT 650 that increases the engine efficiency and provides a better fuel economy and increases performance.

Thus, Royal Enfield is overall a beast cafe racer for taller riders but it will need some adjustment in seats.

For more information, you can visit the official website of Royal Enfield.


Far now, we have discussed the top 5 cafe racers for tall riders that you can buy according to your height.
And the last thing, if you are confused about this list of cafe racer motorcycles and wondering which to take. Then just consider the seat height, engine performance, and your budget. You will find the best pick.


What if no cafe racer from the list suitable for me?

If no cafe racer from the list fits you or still they are small to you. Then, you can try the tallest cafe racer on the list by giving it cafe racer modification. Try changing the seat height or giving some modification.

And even after that, it doesn’t fit you then you should look for some other motorcycle types. There are varieties of motorcycles available in the market. Usually, cafe racers don’t lend themselves to the taller riders.

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